There are a few things that I would insist on in regard to our children that may seem strange, but are important to me.

First. I insist that corrective lens for nearsightedness not be put on any of my children (before adulthood). I believe that there is some research evidence showing that if corrective lens are never used for this condition, that the degree to which the condition will develop will be minimized and that the vision may improve over the long-term. But that if corrective lens are used, then the condition becomes worse and worse, and especially if these lens are placed on a child at a very young age. If my children are nearsighted and get so they cannot see the blackboard at school, then I will home-school them, but I don't want them wearing glasses for this condition.

However, I DO want them to wear glasses. I want them to wear reading glasses for close work - school-work, reading, drawing, etc. While being worn, these glasses will make them nearsighted. Then, if what they are reading, writing, etc. is at the limit of their focal length with the glasses on (preferably slightly outside this focal length) then this will be equivalent to their looking at a distant object even though they are looking at something close-in. In this way, the exacerbation of nearsightedness by close work can be lessened or eliminated. Of course, I realize that nearsightedness is inherent to a large degree. Additionally though, the SUSCEPTIBILITY to become nearsighted through a great deal of close-in focusing is also inherent. But this is one aspect of nearsightedness about which something can be done. Also, I know that the above practices are a lot of trouble and won't always be observed by the children, especially when they are younger. But if they are taught good vision habits, these habits will be observed more and more as the children become older.

Second. I do not want my sons to be circumcised. I am circumcised as are most males in America now, and I guess it's not that major an issue. But it's a completely nonsensical practice, and I insist that my sons not be circumcised. If nature had intended us to be circumcised, we would be born that way.

Third. I don't want my children vaccinated against the standard childhood diseases. Against serious diseases, yes, but not against things like measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc. I want them to get these illnesses and have to fight them off unaided. Also, I don't want them given antibiotics. When they get colds or the flu, I, again, want them to fight these off unaided. Of course, I have some common sense in regard to this. If an illness were to become life-threatening, then medication would be called for, but not before that. A non-reliance on medication would insure a strong immune system that would serve each of them well in the long-term.

In Addition. I'm not particularly thrilled about such fads as tonsil removal.


One final point that I might venture regards the number of children we have.

I would like to have 17 children. Why 17? I don't know. It just seems like a good number to have. I didn't say this earlier in the web-site because I didn't want to scare you away right off the bat.

Anyway, I realize that this may be tipping off into crazy. So, it'll be your call. But if all of you want to do this, I'm game.