2 - 6 women to have 2 - 15 children by me.


The preferred situation tends toward the higher numbers.



  • Can live with me.
  • Can live separately from me.
  • If separate, I would prefer that you live permanently within a 5 hour drive of me.
  • Can live with me or separate from me alternately.

Our Children

  • I can take 100% custody after child is out of infancy.
  • Would like minimum of 2 months per year custody.
  • Degree of custody can alternate.


Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • I will pay medical care during pregnancy up to a reasonable amount.
  • I will pay childbirth costs.

Living Costs

  • $250 per month child support for each of our children if live separate from me.
  • If live with me, standard care.


You can be -

  • Single.
  • Married. If married, husband must approve of participation.
  • Can marry another later. This would not affect child support and it must not affect custody arrangements. If involvement with me continued, husband must be in full agreement.

Other Factors

  • Note that each participant and myself could consider ourselves married, although there would be no formal marriage.
  • Women participating with me in this would be free to have relationships with other men if they so desired. Such relationships would need to be conducted in such a way so as not to negatively affect our relationship and, especially, so as not to negatively affect our children. Of course, it would be expected, for any possible child born of a relationship with another, that the father pay child support.

If You Presently Have Children

If you presently have children, this is fine. We will work the situation out in the way that you think is best.


  • I own a house where we can begin.
  • What I would like in the longer term, will be discussed in the section 'Ideally Speaking'.


I really don't have too many strong opinions about how our children should be educated. They could attend public school, private school, or we could home-school them. In this latter case, I would be willing to participate fully.

Much more important to me than formal education is maximizing the probability that our children have a good inherent base of cognitive ability.

I do have some concerns about the influence of the larger society upon our children, which is really the central point in concerns I have about their education, rather than is anything to do with scholastics. I'll touch upon this again in the section 'Society and Us'.


In this section, I'll discuss an important part of the proposal that I'm am presenting in these webpages. This concerns our childrens' reproduction. First, I'll give the basic ideas I have regarding this, and then I'll make some comments.

Basic Ideas

  • When the children reach 18 years of age, I would like for each of them to have 2 children with a mate selected by me.
  • This would be extra childbearing, in addition to children they might have when they married or under other circumstances.
  • Doing this would be voluntary. If an individual did not want to participate in this extra childbearing, that would be fine.
  • For those doing this, I would pay pregnancy and birthing costs.
  • Also, I would provide child support - payments or standard care - for these children (our grandchildren) until they reached age 18.
  • I would also like for each of our grandchildren to have 2 children with a mate selected by me, given I were still living, upon reaching the age of 18.
  • Stipulations as above.
  • This would also be true, given I were still living, of our great grandchildren.
  • Stipulations as above.
  • For those of our children (and grandchildren, etc.) who wanted to do this, finding mates for this purpose for the girls would be much easier and less problematic than finding mates for this purpose for the boys. We would simply do the best we could to find acceptable mates for the boys.
  • Our children would be financially responsible for the other children that they had in their regular marriages, though standard care would be available to these grandchildren when they were at our residence.
  • It is possible that the mates chosen by me for our children's extra childbearing would often become the spouses of our children. This would be fine.


Many may wonder why I would want my kids to have children by mates chosen by me. A significant part of the answer to this is that, in this way, experience and wisdom would play a role in the making of the next generation. Also, our children could later have children with those of their own choosing. Thus, this plan incorporates the best of both worlds - direction in important matters by wisdom, and self-direction by the young.

For a given child, the process of finding his/her mate for the stated purpose would begin about the time that he or she turned 17. Over the course of the next year or so, individuals would be contacted, questioned, tested in various ways, and interviewed in order to find an acceptable match. Initially, only myself and the child's mother would be involved. We would look at all the candidates and narrow the field to a few, all of whom would be acceptable to us. At this point, the son or daughter in question - and, indeed, all the rest of the family - could enter into the selection process and voice their opinions on the matter. If none of those chosen by the child's mother and myself were deemed acceptable, then the process would start over.

Notice that sometimes certain things might occur. For example, say out of a field of 6 'finalists', one of our daughters liked 2 or 3 of them equally and couldn't make up her mind about which to choose. If she simply could not decide, then she could have a child by each of them should she want to. However, such multiple choices would be gently discouraged because of the complicating effect upon kinship lines, custody concerns, visitation logistics, etc.

In regard to those chosen to participate in this activity, the following might be noted: All would be healthy. The males chosen to have children with our daughters would be highly intelligent, would have personalities compatible with our daughters and with our family overall, and would be very handsome. The women chosen to be mothers to our sons' children would also be intelligent, attractive, and have personalities compatible with our sons and with our family. It is likely that they would usually be older than our sons.

It is important to note that the mates to our children in this activity would NOT be 'surrogate parents'. They would be full parents to their children with complete visitation and custody rights. This would be especially true concerning the mothers of our sons' children, whose decision it would primarily be with respect to how to divide custody.

Note that participating in this activity could delay college for those of our daughters who wanted to attend college. But, the delay wouldn't be too long as they could begin at age 21 or 22, rather than at 18.

Since child support or standard support (child living with us) would be provided each of these grandchildren, a limit might be placed upon the number of these children each of our sons and daughters could have. This limit might be 3. Of course, they might have further children in their regular marriages or under other circumstances, but they would be responsible for supporting these children.

I must reiterate that none of our kids would be forced to participate in this childbearing plan. In fact, if someone didn't want to do this, then I would not want that person to do this. Participation in this is something that would need to be motivated by a true desire to participate, not by pressure and coercion from others. Realistically, the children would likely feel some such pressure; if not from us, then from brothers and sisters. But I would let each child know that if they didn't want to do this, then I would respect that decision and that this would be okay with me.

There may be certain of our children who would not do this in their late teens, but who might decide later that they wanted to do so. This would be fine. The offer would stand as long as our children were capable of having children. It would need to be understood, though, that the process would be the same whether the person were 18 or 40 - that is, choice of a mate for this purpose from a pool of possibles chosen by myself and the person's mother.

Finally, space here does not permit a complete disclosure of all the in's and out's of this process. Note that any concern or problem in any given case would be handled on an individual basis with the effort being made to deal with this to the satisfaction of all involved.


Your Level of Involvement

If you take part in the proposal being made here, your involvement with me can range from full involvement to partial involvement depending upon what you preferred. The maximum degree of involvement would, for all intents and purposes, be a marriage. The minimum degree of involvement would be a situation of being friends and of having a mutual interest in and responsibility for our children. Note that the degree of your involvement could change - for example, going from full to partial, or from partial to full. Any level of involvement, from maximum to minimum, would be available to you at any time. It would be your decision concerning the level you wanted at a given point.

Sexual Relations

It may be appropriate, here, to make a comment in regard to sexual relations between us. Given partial involvement, we could have sexual relations or not have sexual relations. Again, this would be up to you. The only stipulation I would make in this regard would be that if you were married or otherwise seriously involved, but wanted to continue sexually active with me, that your husband or boyfriend be informed of this and be approving of it.

Childrens' Living Arrangements

Another important point is that given that you were partially involved with me, our children could live almost full time with you or almost full time with me, or anything in between. Also, the custody arrangement could change at any time, depending upon the circumstances at a certain point, what we thought were best for the children, etc.

In Sum

Given the situation being presented, our children would have a permanent home.

For you, note that, depending upon your degree of involvement, what you would have available would range from a home and a family to a group of friends. The range of my role would be husband to friend. Also, your level of involvement would be something that you would decide and that you could alter at any time.


The statements made on this page should give a good sense of my plan. I think it a good plan and one worth striving to realize.